Don't give up on what you really want!

Some entrepreneurs have amazing ideas, want to do innovative things, but get stuck trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.
I use a practical, no-nonsense, self-experienced, brand-centric process to help them channelise their passion into building a successful brand and business, being confident and always loving what they do!

I have been in your place! I understand the battle of the heart and mind as an entrepreneur. Sign up to receive my letters and learn from my experiences.


Why do I do, what I do?

By the way, I am Radhika, and I found my happiness and success being the Laughing Popcorn!

The single line answer to this question is, because I totally love what I do and I can't think of anything that I would be doing other than being an entrepreneur. I find it exciting, it's an adventure ride, it gives me freedom, it allows me to meet and know so many people and know their stories, learn from their experiences and share my stories. Had it not been for me doing what I do, I wouldn't have discovered so much about myself, I wouldn't have got out of my comfort zone. It's this drive that gets me going.

So when I get a chance to think through brands and businesses and help other entrepreneurs, for me it's a chance to always stay close to the idea of business all the time. Hearing their stories of passion and wanting to achieve excites me. Strategising for them to me is like solving riddles. You explore, find clues, fit it all together!! Love it!!

Further, business to me is so close to life. I feel that if you are an entrepreneur a lot of your life will revolve around what you do. Your decisions in business will in turn influence a lot of things in your personal space, it will influence your emotions. I can endlessly go on talking about my love for entrepreneurship and doing what I do and aligning the world of business, brands and design totally allows me to do that.
It's this zeal of doing what it takes to achieve something that gets me out of bed every morning and makes me go at it, inspite of all hurdles, setbacks and losses that come my way.

I have worked for clients in various sectors helping them build their brands and experiences that make a difference. My approach to work is a mix of considering the real, practical problems and figuring out how the principles, theories and ideas of business, branding and design can be best applied. Here are some examples of the kind of things I do.

Make it fun, cover the brand aesthetics, make it relatable to the target audience! We balanced it all to strategise and design the employee welcome kit for Nua.

We got inspired by Twitter to think through the business concept of an offline social place, strategise the brand and design the complete identity system to make the place suitable for the target audience.

The NGO wanted to attract young volunteers and design a campaign to increase awareness about women empowerment. We developed a unique concept, designed the campaign, thought through it's execution to make it stand out.

You are confused? Something is not working? You are stuck? I will first help you find the real problem. I guide you through solutions that are a mix of some mindset work, some theory, some jargons and of course, some awesomeness.

Let's begin our journey together.

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