Follow your heart.
Dare to dream.
Live...without fear.

My purpose is to support you bring out your true potential to the world so that you can achieve your dreams, feel fulfilled, happy
and in turn spread happy vibes in the world!

I am Radhika

I am a Content Strategist!

I help small businesses and startups that are ready to grow their brand to the next level, design their content strategy so that they can share their potential effectively, embrace their unique positioning and values, attract right clients and fulfill the dreams they have always had! My favorite tools to do so are story telling, clever ideas and a good heart.

Overall, it's truly exciting!


I work with people who are excited to bring their brand and dreams to life! I believe in working like a partner and with trust and respect, for mutual growth. It's a relationship to start together, not just a 'job to be done'!


Feeling stuck in trying to grow your brand? If you are stuck, feel fuzziness and need some direction, this is for you.

Let's hop on a 1-on-1, 60 minutes call so that I can help you unlock and guide with actionable steps to take. 

Charges - $170


If your business best aligns with your personal brand to achieve its goals and you are looking to do so in a strategic manner, get a plan to execute, find a clear direction then let's talk more about it and get going!


Are you a small business or a startup ready to grow to the next level and are looking for direction on how to make your brand become a favourite of your customers and make it work using digital media?

Let's talk about how to draft your content strategy!


Do you fear talking on camera which is making it tough for you to show up in the digital world?!

Take my course on SkillShare to help you get going!

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Want me to be your guest?

I love to talk about life, entrepreneurship, content, being yourself and following your insane dreams!

I would love to hear more about your event or show, if I seem to be a good fit to talk out there!

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