The additional bits…

by Radhika Nathany

30th September 2019

It is one of the popular asian restaurants in Jaipur. (Well, the pretty city happens to be my hometown and yes it has fancy places to eat too). I remember going there multiple times. It is located in a fancy hotel and serves good food topped with the right ambience. But guess what, one thing that I always look forward to when I go there are, the fortune cookies.


After you have rejoiced on every bite of food that the place serves and are sitting with that feeling of fulfilment, just catching up on the closing thoughts with your companions, they arrive, the fortune cookies, unasked for, but as a warm gesture by the restaurant. It just adds a spark of charm and brings a smile on everyone’s face, when they crack it open to read what is their
hidden fortune.


This is what these tiny little awesome gestures do to strike a chord. As a business house, this is all it takes to ‘delight’ a customer. The fortune cookie is that additional value that a business can offer to the customer, which leaves a mark, which touches that happy soul and makes your customer fall in love with your product/service. 


Whenever an individual receives anything, which is over and above the promise or more than what they asked for, it just creates a feeling of being cared for. Now at a basic level, isn’t that what we all want. So why not take a pause to think about what would be your fortune cookie, which your customer will value, which will get that smile and make them fall in love. FOREVER.




Radhika Nathany,

The Chief ‘Fortune Cookie’ Creator (of course), at Laughing Popcorn.


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