The story of change…

by Radhika Nathany

4th September 2019

It was a usual day at work when I saw the popcorn looking at me. I realised he was indeed ‘laughing’ and jumping and it was almost in a state as if layers of red velvet have grown upon him. Suddenly my smile turned into a shriek! “Gosh!! It has entered it’s comfort zone!”


Laughing Popcorn has been here for a while and dealt with different clients, in different industries. It was almost like you know its good work, clients are happy and the story ends. But comfort zone can surely not be exciting for creative minds! Where’s the challenge? Where’s the growth!? Really, do you think this is what our thought guru, Steve Jobs meant when he always spoke about putting a dent in the universe!? 


This thought that struck on a Tuesday afternoon started changing the path. 

We decided that it’s time that the popcorn ‘pops’ again. It’s time to EVOLVE.


We went back to basics to see how can we embrace ourselves for a more exciting journey further. And the most fundamental thing about design is, its meant to solve a problem! And hey! In that comfort zone, we somewhere lost the basic, it became the passive voice, even though it should have been the core.


We brushed up the processes, unlearnt things, learned new things, we opened a fresh page, we decided to clean up the accumulated layers like never before and are now ready to roll out fresh! What remains the same is our immense belief in design, the quirkiness, the energy and our love for Friday evenings.


Companies go through their stages of development and change and THIS IS OUR TIME!


The popcorn is now all classy and niche! It is prepared to do what it does the best, think design, develop design. Laughing Popcorn will now combine the experience of all these years and the knowledge of design to focus on business problems and develop awesomely creative and unique solutions to help achieve goals. The focus is on the process, the strategy, the execution, the value.


We are here to create an experience. A memorable one. We are here to create a difference.


Care to do the same for your business? DESIGN BETTER.

Radhika Nathany,
Chief Charmer,
Laughing Popcorn


Laughing Popcorn,
1st Floor, Kagalwala House,
CST Road, Santacruz East,
Mumbai - 400098
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