Follow your heart. Dare to dream. Live life to the fullest!

My purpose is to spread creative and happy vibes and inspire you to live life to the fullest, with no apologies! – one thought, one person, one brand at a time.

Hellooooo! I am Radhika Nathany, a Creative Director and I love playing with creative ideas alllll the time!

I make an honest attempt to help ambitious, growth-oriented entrepreneurs build quirky, playful and happy brands for serious business!

My style is interactive, human and honest and my favorite tools to do what I do are emotions, conversations, clever ideas, intelligent logic, a good heart and a little craziness!

Overall, it’s truly exciting!

What can I do for you?

I want to work with you if who are excited to bring your brand and dreams to life! I believe in working like a partner and with trust and respect, for mutual growth. It’s a relationship to start together, not just a ‘job to be done’! I want to be the support in your ‘ambitious madness and experiments’ and make sense out of it! 😀

Make over!

(Packaging Design)
Already have a strong brand, with clear strategy and positioning, but your packging looks just blaaahhh?!
Let’s do something charming for it!

– Design Strategy
– Upto 3 style concepts
– Packaging Design Execution & Design System
– Mockups
– Ready to Print Designs
– Ready to use Product Photography (Add-On)

Time – 3-4 weeks

Brand Core

(Brand Strategy & Creative Direction)
When you can have a unique brand, then why stay bland?!
Let’s together build your story! Perfect to take your brand to the next level of growth!

– Discovery & Strategy 
– Brand Story
– Brand Personality
– Brand Positioning
– Brand Visual Identity System
– Logo Design
– Packaging Design
– Upto 12 social media templates
– Brand Guide Book
– Merchandise Design (Add Ons)

Time – 7-9 weeks

Brand Experience

(Design & Creative Marketing)
If you love my style and ideas and want to do something fun for your brand then what are we waiting for?!! – Let’s get rolling!

– Merchandise Design 
– Creative Content
– Gifs
– Posters
– Postcards
– Or something out of the blue!

I love to blend design with strategy to make something memorable for your brand and your customers!

Time – Custom

Think we should talk?

Learn with me!

Still figuring things out and need support and direction?


Feeling stuck with your brand or with your creativity and not sure how to build further? Book a 1-on-1, 60 minutes consult with me and I can guide you with actionable steps to take.

$170 for 60 minutes
To book, drop your details in the contact form and I will get in touch with you!


We are living in a time when you are required to be out there. Be it going live, recording videos, webinars, presentations, you needed to show up to make your presence felt.

But, it’s really not the easiest and the nicest thing to do for so many people! I hence decided to make this course.

​It all started when me being my usual, super excited self would go and talk on camera, go live, give presentations, whenever I got a chance. Gradually, I received lot of fancy compliments, specially centred around how comfortable I was and how it is a huge roadblock for so many people!

It’s a 31 minutes course, available on Skillshare!

You can also use my referral link to use SkillShare!

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I am someone who works hard. I promise this is not pompous, but honest…

I do not want to stop talking about candies, chocolates, fun, pizza, music, rain and life!…

Oh I felt so lost! The niceness just didn’t happen. It felt like having food without salt!

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I share candid everyday thoughts on living life as a creative entrepreneur.

I love to talk about life, entrepreneurship, content, being yourself, working from the heart and following your insane dreams!

I would love to hear more about your podcast/show, if I seem to be a good fit to talk out there!