Laughing Popcorn is a brand consultancy and design home where we create absolutely charming experiences, generate value and make your customers feel connected to your brand. 

We help in problem solving and help you achieve your goals. Yes, we think a lot. We follow a completely purpose driven approach to all that we do. We focus on understanding your business, your aspirations and your customers. We stitch it all together to help you achieve competitive advantage, reach new markets, adapt to changing trends and enhance customer experience. And of course, all this comes in with lot of delight and awe-inspiring moments! Those are the moments we thrive for and cherish.

"We are here to help you accomplish your inspiring vision and narrate the stories of success together."


We have been asked multiple times the story behind our name. We love it and would not miss any chance to share it with you!

Have you ever witnessed popcorns being made? No really, YouTube it! At first it’s all 
about the patience, subtle heating of every corn, their gradual movements in unique rhythm to the ultimate point where it begins. The popping. The multiplication. The

unstoppable celebration that is almost absolutely impossible to ignore. The warm and fresh popcorns – Ready to be served. Ready to bring you delight! Each one of them, filled with charm, ready to be called, Laughing Popcorn. 

That sums up our process of creation. We help curate the right mix for brands. With the right thought process, technology, people and energy, we develop brands and strategy solutions that just POP!


Because design always has a purpose.



We call ourselves a brand home for businesses. We are not an agency. We are here to present your stories, give life to your vision and creating a lasting impression. We are a young team and we believe in a work culture infused with positivity. Mutual respect and trust is extremely important to us in all our associations. We believe that what makes us deliver just the best!

“We are here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why even be here?”

– Steve Jobs


Nothing could better describe our zeal and purpose of existence. And we love working with brands that are just as driven to make a difference and have the courage to take a leap towards the extraordinary.

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