Call me Rad, Radhika or Laughing Popcorn! All works well. Don't stress!

Laughing Popcorn is someone who is ambitious, loves life, freedom, wants to live life to the fullest on its own terms and be happy. And the way it is so serious about working hard for its goals, it is equally serious about having fun!
And this really is ME!


And I am someone who can feel this joy only when I have achieved, only when I have a sense of identity, when I can support others and live upto my potential.

When I was unable to fulfill my dreams, because I couldn't convey my message to the world, it burnt a hole in my heart! I struggled to balance all my goals, without losing who I am.
I don't want you to experience that. I don't want you to just live with your potential by yourself and never let the world know about it!


That’s my goal - I want to inspire and support you to bring out your best, fun self to the world, so that you can command your worth and in turn find fulfilment and stay happy like a Laughing Popcorn!


Well, in terms of qualifications I am a Communications Designer, Masters of Business Administration in Marketing (where I became a gold medalist). I did my dream job at Redchillies.VFX as a Visual effects Designer. I have then freelanced as a designer, worked with multiple brands, until my entrepreneurial brain took over and I got into strategic thinking! That's when I went all out to learn about the world of content.

Other than this, the mindset that I follow or my soft skills are these...(you can call them my mantras too)

Find the emotions

Keep it

Embrace creative thinking

Take responsibility

Believe in yourself


Live life to the fullestttt!



I love speaking engagements and interacting with a live audience. I gave a talk on How to think about Website beyond the Tools and the Value of Purpose at WordPress Camp, Mumbai.

I designed a course on How to Get Over the Fear of Talking on Camera, which is up on Skillshare.


I mentored women entrepreneurs to grow their brands at Google for Startups Program.


I am a contributor for the International Branding Platform, Brandingmag as a writer where I share my insights about branding in the business world.


I have closely worked with the Indian Navy as a Design Partner for their Marathon Events for a period of 2+ years.


I started my career 10 years back working with Redchillies, VFX, a prestigious visual effects studio owned by the popular Indian Actor, Shah Rukh Khan.


I have been a part of several other workshops, mentoring designers, entrepreneurs about various aspects of design, branding and entrepreneurship.

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