1st - 15th September 2020

Popcorn Journal

Blue frogs are for real!

Blue colored frogs are for real! Really! This awesome looking soul really exists on planet earth. Can you even believe it!? Well, not getting into his details now. Wikipedia will come to your rescue for that. But you know as creative thinkers, it reminded us about how something unique can really be found by thinking beyond the obvious. We get so tuned to thinking about the way things appear for us all the time that sometimes we lose uniqueness. It is a reminder of how an open mind can bring in ideas, thoughts, suggestions which could be so unique. But the start has to be that are we even thinking beyond the obvious? Are we even giving the freedom to our minds to believe that uniqueness is not something intangible. It can be achieved if you let your mind wander.

Ok, let philosophy stop. How do we apply this thought to our creative process? To develop uniqueness, when it comes to design and brands, we have to think beyond the first thought or solution that comes to mind. It is important to look at a situation from different perspectives. It's ok to circle back to the first solution, if nothing better comes up but not exploring at all can limit creativity and the option of coming up with something unique. When it comes to thinking about say a name for your brand or a logo, how about going deeper and asking what would you really like? What are the options? What is it something that you are missing as a trend that others are embracing in full swing? What do your customers like? Open-ness to thoughts will help your brand evolve, always and stay unique!

With this, we also encourage to keep a cushion for bad ideas to come in. What it really means is that to find awesomeness, you have to get messy with ideas. In this process, bad ideas will also come in. Unless you let your mind churn it all, give it a ride across all possibilities, an amazing answer will not be found.

Whenever you think that you want something unique but feel it is impossible to do so, let this be a gentle reminder! 'Blue frogs exist. It is just about, are you ready to give it a thought and strive for it?'

Stuck with growth? - Look upto your hero.

Here's a piece from my own story. You know I had been working as a freelance designer for a long time. Stuff was going on. Work came in. I put in my blood and sweat and heart and mind into it. I worked day in and day out. But everyday I would go to bed, not really being a totally happy soul. There was a missing piece. I just couldn't understand what's wrong. I was doing the work of my choice, I was my own boss, I had made my own choices, then what's the issue. I didn't realise and just kept spinning into the wheel and ending each day with a hint of sadness hidden behind all the goodness happening. 

Days went by. Nights went by. It aggravated. The thought really started bothering me. What's wrong? I realised I was feeling stuck. I reached a point where I started feeling that hey, after all this, I don't feel progress. I felt a disconnect between my own dreams and goals and things that I was actually doing. I realised that I had made my own entrepreneurial venture as if it is my job. I had fallen into the mercy of my clients and just following orders, without thinking beyond.

Goshh! No sadness please. I am actually glad that self-awareness happened and I at least realised what I was feeling. I then started looking around and talking to mentors/seniors and asked that Hey! This is what I am feeling, can you help me solve this. Conversations happened. Some shared experience. Some asked me to hold on. Some simply said, welcome to life. You don't always get what you want!

Damnn! Super sadness. Still no worries. I still kept looking and you know what actually started turning things for me for the better was a simple question asked by a senior. He asked me that look at your work. Now you are complaining that the other person has grown. So look at their work. Take a neutral stand. Ask yourself. Do you see any gaps? Is your work presentation totally like them? Are you talking the professional language like them? Are you putting yourself out there in a manner that you can attract better clients. All this put a jolt in my brain. The answer honestly was NO! I am not really catching upto them. The deeper answer was, am I myself prepared to go to the next level? Was I myself reflecting that in my behaviour? It all came down to that if you want to change, look into the mirror and ask yourself, are you yourself prepared to change? You can't control anything external but you can surely look within and fix your own issues.

It may sound so obvious, but this simple thought was something that I couldn't see for myself, being inside my own box. If you are stuck with growth too, I would love if this story inspires you to look within, change yourself and be your own hero!

- Radhika Nathany



"Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles." - Anonymous


Adding a signature sound to your name or logo in a video increases recognition and serves as a hook for your brand.

Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones
Intelligent, Balanced, Witty, Brave, Just, Loyal, Calm

Is imperfection your charm?


Of course creatives are perfection lovers. And so are entrepreneurs. And so are so many others. But you know what, have you ever been in that space that sometimes, due to wanting to make things over-perfect, you lose a human touch? Have you ever thought that sometimes what is really needed is an imperfect candid vibe? Think about this, have you ever seen music shows? Have you ever felt that sometimes, a singer was not the best when it comes to his notes but he sang with his whole heart and he enjoyed every minute of his performance sooo much that his energy was infectious and it just made you fall in love with him. You forgot his minor errors but just loved the happy vibe he spread and how he got you silently smiling and totally engrossed in his singing.

Well, it comes down to the same thing. Human beings after all are irrational beings. They don't work or think or like everything linear. Sometimes the answers might really be found in what the heart says or does rather than an over-controlling mind that always stresses you for perfection.

Naah! We don't mean to talk about getting lousy with what you do, but if it comes to a point that your perfection is really killing your charm, then pause and think about the choice you need to make.

The red and white Coca Cola logo is recognized by 94 per cent of the world's population.

Sometimes happiness exists in the tiny moments of life. 


Mindset stuff going on this time!

How to avoid your design go 'naaah!...not working!"

If you can't design with all your heart put into it, there's always going to be a missing piece. Here's a little mindset stuff to help creative entrepreneurs think about design to make an impact. P.S. These are things we follow in here at Laughing Popcorn too!

Make values more than just statements.

Radhika contributed her thoughts to Brandingmag on how a brand can make sure their values are not just living on paper but are actually implemented. With the change in how business happens in current times, perhaps consciousness about values is truly needed.


They say that virgos are dominating. Goshh! It's ok, totally be your own boss, it's your month!!

After all it's your month...


Good Reads

'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be.' - by Paul Arden. A quick, visually interesting read for not just creatives but entrepreneurs in general too.

"Value people. Value time. Spread happy vibes."
Let's make the world a better place, but starting with tiny gestures...

Hang in there! See you later.

Popcorn Journal - 1st - 15th September 2020

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