1st - 15th August 2020

Popcorn Journal

The banter is out in the open!

The creation of Tot & Them started with a nutty thought and some anxiousness. But we are glad that they are being loved. Who are they!? Here's the story - Radhika Nathany, our Founder is a teetotaller. Oh yeah! you heard it right. People like her also exist. And while we were discussing personas and solutions and everything, we thought, why not take different instances a teetotaller has in social settings and give it a fun twist! So we created Tot, a teetotaller and Them who represents the voice of all people around Tot who have 'serious concerns' about his choice of not having alcohol. This mini-series captures all of it.

What's the key message?
Well, we all make choices. Some choices are not completely in sync with the general perception of the society. The choice could be centred around career, partner, belief system, faith or something as simple as clothing or choosing to be a certain way. But you know, if that's a little different one, then a person might face friction from people around. Sometimes it could come in as ridicule, sometimes judgement, advice or even making someone an outcast. Well, well, we know it's a tough spot to be in. But a slight twist in the thinking and perhaps accepting yourself the way you are, embracing your uniqueness and just deciding to smile about it instead of taking it to heart could be a way out. Need some ideas on how Tot does it? Check out all the banter, right here!

For some additional sneak-peek on the teams reactions to this idea - Check it all out on Instagram, @laughingpopcorn.


Being the Marketing Manager of a branding studio that says it's nuts!

My journey started with handling social media for my cousin’s brand. That was the beginning of me realising that I wanted to go deep into the Digital World! Although my priority was to work in a Digital Marketing agency where I would learn about various industries but then Laughing Popcorn happened and let me tell you it’s a whole different world out here. We talk about a princess popping from a balloon, penguins having cheesecakes, elephants doing yoga and what not! The energy is crazy, the thoughts are crazy, there are lots of discoveries happening. All this led us to admit that we really are nuts! No more vanilla please!

Working in a branding studio has changed a lot about me and my perspective about things. It made me understand what ‘identity’ really meant. Earlier, it was always about seeing things as an outsider, like an audience. But now, being an insider helps me connect the dots: Why the messages in those ads really mattered, how storytelling could take brands from nowhere to directly touching the hearts of the audience, even how a name and logo can affect a business in the most significant way!

BTW, speaking of logos, I learned graphic designing too during my second year of college for starters. But obviously it’s not my forte. Sorry, just had to flaunt in a little about my tiny-mini design experience in here!


Anyway, coming back. As the marketer of a branding studio, lots of things need to be taken care of in a different way. It’s not usually what you would do with other companies. My marketing brain and my team’s fancy brains have a few clashes also. The other day I was insisting about putting a chatbot on our website but it would ruin the beauty of our website and this wasn’t just once. Then we had our blogs (the main purpose for which is to have keywords and improve SEO). But our crazy minds can no longer stand those long informational blogs. So, we came up with this Popcorn Journal. While writing this my first two drafts were boring! …..because I was using my old - not so nutty- marketing brain but now I’m just pouring my heart out (Special thanks to Radhika). 


The icing on the cake (gluten free) is we are learning new things from each other every day and growing together. You know we all had taken Adobe’s Creative Type test. I and Radhika turned out to be a visionary while Snehil and Chandni are the dreamers and they say that dreamers need visionaries. See, everything is connected and so are we!

There are endless stories in here, but if I can say one thing to close it and go back to being a ‘nut’ myself now is that I’m totally in love with this crazy world where we see and think about things differently.

P.S. Last thoughts, I think octopuses can be the best social media managers! Damn, I wish I had 8 hands and a hugeee brain!

- Bhavana Punjabi



"Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth." - Mallory Hopkins


Your vibe attracts your tribe. Make sure your brand carries the perfect vibe!

Po, Kung Fu Panda
Qualities to look upto - Compassionate, Courageous, Patient, Loyal, Confident, Positive, FUN!

Image Source: Princetonbuffer

Keep the promise!


Google was originally called Backrub.

Mobile phones are so important, we rely on them way too much and think that they are always going to be there, whenever required. But Bhavana, our Marketing Manager recently had a terrible experience with her phone and all her memories stored in there were gone in a blink of an eye. She felt like the phone broke a promise! And broken promises can be really harsh. With a heavy heart, she further says - "Always have a backup of your phone!". (No tears tough).

Any promise broken always hurts. Ensure your brand never breaks it! Don't leave your customer with a heavy heart. This could be about anything, promising an experience, convenience, availability, affordability or may be just sticking to a value. But suddenly snapping it or not delivering it to your customer would be really sad. Be a good brand. Keep the promise.

If you set expectations, don't break them.



It was a lot about being human and a fun vibe for us!

Thinking like a human...

Sometimes, it can be really simple. The answers need not always be found in super complex ways. Radhika shares how she believes in thinking like a human first and applying it to branding, design & business. 

It's OK to unwind at work too!

Staying home all the time, sometimes being alone, could be tough. Humans are not used to being 'locked up'. To break the monotony and keep our minds fresh, we at Laughing Popcorn follow 'Fun Fridays' where we dedicate 45 minutes to do something fun and not talk about work at all! Last week, we played a Bollywood Pictionary and the results were...well, just like a kid! ...Of course, our drawings didn't look the best but just fun. Remember, we had to be 'off' work! And we believe it's totally ok to have such times. Surely, it's sometimes tough to execute, but whenever possible, it should be followed for a healthy work culture!


Well, well....just keep 'ROARING!!!' Slay it!

After all it's your month...


Good Reads

Radhika Nathany, our Founder suggests reading 'The E-Myth' by Michael E.Gerber, if you are an entrepreneur looking to scale up from being all by yourself to a business house.

"Would you share your chocolate cake with a penguin in the North Pole, who would be craving for it?
Do it! Remember, sharing is caring, even if it is cake!"

Hang in there! See you later.

Popcorn Journal - 1st -15th August 2020

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