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Creative Process-Illustration for blog-Laughing Popcorn

Do I have a creative process? – Yes, No, Maybe

Creative process! – I honestly never thought about this when I started my career as a designer. And the first instinct is Huh! What has creativity got to do with a process anyway – it is just there right! Initially I always took it as my moral responsibility to be creative all the time! And …

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Image showing illustrated Laughing Popcorn and a witty way to show the fun blog, about being a designer

‘Serious’ issues in a ‘Designer’s life!’

Oh! I have been living the designer’s life since forever now! So classy, fancy. Yaa, we only do big talks and you know, deal with fancy things… Huh!!! Ok you got it!! Let me come to the point and let’s get real in here. Tighten your seat belts as I jump into ‘serious issues’ that …

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