These are some examples of the kind of work I do for clients. I have worked with an amazing team to help me execute these. I do not jump straight to execution. It starts with setting a goal to achieve, strategising the plan, weighing all pros and cons and then designing the solutions. While I do follow a process, without which I feel results cannot be justified, I totally mould the process based on the requirements of the individual project and the given objectives. 


Designing a community for teetotallers

Digital Design - Story Telling - Campaign - Character Design - Illustration - Animation

Poster Display All - Tumaini - Laughing

Women Empowerment campaign with a difference.

Strategy - Campaign Design - Poster Design - Newsletter Design - Illustration - Copy


Address mental health in a relatable way

Ideation - Campaign Design - Digital Design

A social place that is premium, yet welcoming


Analysis - Business - Branding - Design


Employee Welcome Kit to convey the brand attributes, yet be fun

Strategy - Brand Merchandise - Copy - Design

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