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Campaign designed to encourage people to start their day on a positive note.

It is no hidden fact that mental health is a growing concern. Small measures to control and talk about the same could go a long way in fighting the issue.
They say the first thought of the day can make it or break it for you. It will either leave you with high energy and encouraged to face it all or 'getting up from the wrong side of the bed' could leave you grumpy and unproductive. It is true! 

We took this as a base and mixed it up with some creative thinking, creative copywriting to execute our campaign,
'Different Mornings.'


We are talking of taking small steps, but the message is strong. Everyone should practice it.
The base colours were kept bright and striking and balanced with bold black sketches to enhance the tone of messaging. The message had to be up, fearless and clear.
The copy was put up in hand written fonts on the posters to maintain human feel. Yes, we are clearly talking about life here. ‚Äč



Want to know more about the project and our take on mental health. Read our blog here.


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