I help self-conscious and those who are unable to express themselves communicate better so that you can have what you want, people feel an emotional connect with you, build better relationships for your business and you can succeed as an entrepreneur.


My letters are sharing stories, experiences and building a bond with you.
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Why do I do, what I do?

By the way, I am Radhika. My brand Laughing Popcorn is a lot about me.

It can be super annoying when you are ambitious. You want to grow as an entrepreneur but your basic nature of being self-conscious, unable to always ask for what you want makes it tough to make a mark for yourself. 

I was always a shy kid, but as I grew, my passion and love for what I do pushed me to get over my fears and fall in love with the idea of being with people, talking to them and learning to express myself. In fact, now I love to take charge of doing things for people and speaking up! I further learnt how to get clarity and be empathetic!

When I look back, I realised there's so much I have learnt and so much I can share to help others who might be struggling with issues of being unable to express and impress! It drives me to keep going and be a support in their business growth.

Done feeling stuck and ready to get uber-cool and kill it as an entrepreneur? Let's Talk!

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