My approach is pretty much about finding a balance. When it comes to work, as a designer I think of endless possibilities and ways to finding a solution. But my business brain also understands the issues of costs, people, time or how to execute it all. So I work to balance the forces of what you want and its practical implications. I use this thought process of balance in almost everything. When I give talks, I want them to give value to people, but also be entertaining. When I design brands, I want them to be different, yet not feel alien to the basic understandings of human behaviour. 

On a lighter note, with me being a Libran, maybe this notion of balance is ingrained in my personality and makes me strive for it in not just work, but every aspect of life.

If you are stuck as a creative entrepreneur, you are likely facing one of these issues and I can help you guide through them to help you find what you are looking for.

  1. You have tried lot of things but not sure why it is not working for you?

  2. You want to grow your brand and have some different ideas, but not sure where to start.

  3. You are just over-whelmed by the world of content, social media, branding and don't know if you need to do it for your business.

  4. You are unable to charge a higher price for your services?

  5. Your clients give you orders that you endlessly execute and are not happy with it.

  6. You want to grow your creative business but are just stuck.

  7. You are not sure about how to handle people and delegate work.

  8. You don’t know how to price your services.

  9. You are not getting leads.

  10. You are not attracting the right clients.

  11. You don’t feel confident selling what you sell.

  12. You are unable to present yourself and talk in the digital space or address an audience.

  13. You don’t understand niching down.

  14. What started as your passion has now become a headache for you!

  15. You just don’t know how to take a leap into business as a creative entrepreneur.

  16. You are not sure if your brand is working.

  17. Anything else that you are stuck with or feeling lost as an entrepreneur.

Why keep living with your worries? Let's resolve your issues.


I work with you as an entrepreneur to help you bring your story to life. My process starts from goal setting and discovery to strategising the entire process and execution of the final designs. No, I do not jump to design directly until the strategy has been conducted and you and me both know what will really get us the required results. I love working with small-mid entrepreneurs as it requires lot of ground work and gives me more room to think and build something rather than just taking some orders and executing them.


I help clients with complete branding, starting from brand strategy to naming, the identity design system and also guiding how will their brand actually live in the real world.

Digital Design

Campaigns, digital communications, presentations, I help plan and design for the digital space to help you create an impact.

Business Design

I love to closely work with entrepreneurs, specially the ones in their early stage of business to help them design business strategies and solve business problems that are becoming a bottleneck to move forward.

P.S. I love the energy and vibe that comes in with being super passionate about what you do.  I do not take up quick-fix, cheap jobs that do not encourage me to think or are just required to execute some orders. I love to work with the decision makers, not just for them. That's the space where I am at my best. 

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