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by Radhika Nathany

24th October 2019

We hope you have already checked out Tweet House! It just gets us exciting!


Tweet House is our project that revolves around business concept, brand strategy and brand identity development for Twitter. Yes, its our dedication to Twitter, our way of looking at Twitter as an extended brand. Twitter is in no way involved in the project, yet!


Tweet House is a lot like Twitter, just an offline version. We thought this would be the best way to extend the brand forward. It’s like you can cut down on your screen time, yet retain the essence of the what the brand stands for. You can take your conversations, your expressions offline and connect with like-minded people. It will also give the celebrities and influencers a chance to connect with their supporters in a safe environment. Its a place to just learn, express, bond and be FREE!


Talking about the personas of people, Tweet House will target a global audience. The target audience will largely comprise of entrepreneurs, CXOs, celebrities, influencers, who form a major chunk of Twitter users. It will represent two different sectors, who have the common interest of expression and learning and the brand will have to equally appeal to both. 

We further analysed this segment to understand their behaviours, demographics and preferences to make the identity resonate with the brand.

We also planned the working of Tweet House in detail. Well, its all essential to ensure it gets as real as possible. We had to ensure the brand just develops right for its purpose. Things like having a paid membership to ensure the value derived by the members if not diluted and high service standards can be maintained were thought of.


The place will also hold events in sync with the trending topics on Twitter. 


The identity had to stand for it all and also ensure it has a global appeal. The best part was developing the illustrations. They have a hand feel. They are organic. They convey powerful messages and also look aesthetically pleasing. Its all adding to making a place that has an energetic and positive vibe attached to it.


Yeah, we thought of every detail. We thought until it just got all awesome and Tweet House was born.


And yes, we do hope Twitter loves it too!


Check out Tweet House.


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