We specialise in emotion-driven branding using illustrations.

"We spoke so much about how emotions mattered to us. Anything which didn't have the 'vibe' felt bland. There was a spark in our eyes when we saw the power that illustrations have to express feelings. These conversations got stronger and we came together for Jo&Rad!"
P.S. Largely we are a lot about happiness and well-being!


Joanna Varró

With a strong sense of empathy, kindness and creative thinking, she is a charm when it comes to helping brands lead a candid journey to connect with their audience on an authentically, emotional level.

Radhika Nathany

She's a designer who went to a business school. She keeps the 'creative constraints' in check to help brands make the best of what their design systems. Expect her to add quirk and a larger than life image.


Parenting Mental Health-poster.png

Brand Visual System for Non-Profit

Pune mockup7.png

Branding for a Business Registrations Company


42 Financial Services

Website Design for a Charity

Tweet House Posters Gif - Laughing Popco

Branding for a Social Place

Tweet House Posters Gif - Laughing Popco

Trusting Children

Branding a Community

cupcake-packaging-laughing popcorn.png

Branding and Packaging Design for a Cake Shop


Tot and Them

Branding for Non-alcoholic Beer & Community Building

Nua Bag - Laughing Popcorn

Brand Merchandise Design


Branding for a Coffee Shop and Community Building

Newsletter Display Double Page - Tumaini

Campaign Design for Women Empowerment

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#4 - How to keep working when things are not right?
2nd December 2020

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#4 - How to keep working when things are not right?

#3 - Can your culture influence your growth?

#2 - Is Good Design Necessary?

On our journey to grow together, we used to have so many conversations of real issues that we go through as creative professionals. Emotions, challenges, confusions, we tried to solve them for each other and realised that others might also be going through these!

We hence decided to come up with our chat show called, It's Time for Jo & Rad! - The clock ticks as we take up something that's making us curious and talk about it in 20 minutes. We share true feelings on the go. No script. No filters. It's followed by 10 minutes QnA from the audience to inspire, learn and grow together!

Catch us LIVE on Youtube @Jo & Rad, every Wednesday 8 PM IST - 3:30 PM CET - 7:30 AM PST

#2 - Is Good Design Necessary?

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