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Development of the brand identity for the company, that designs delight for brands and customers.

Laughing Popcorn was looking to re-brand and develop an identity that resonates with it’s business objectives.
The personality had to reflect freshness, energy and modern aesthetics of a young and passionate studio.

The identity had to be clean, professional looking and easy to replicate across various platforms and surely, charming!

Explorations that gave results

The process started with understanding the ultimate business objectives of the brand and the pain points. We clubbed this with developing a matrix to understand if the business offerings are in alignment with the market demand and identifying the target audience. 

Further, we developed their personas and defined the key attributes of the brand, the voice, tone, look and feel.


This became the base study for the team to explore the possibilities of concepts and narrow down on what suits the purpose the best.


“While our design intuitions and aesthetics kept guiding us on how to build the brand, we did a counter-check at every point with the positioning statement to make sure we do not divert from the ultimate purpose of the business.”


The making of
the logo

After various explorations, the logo was designed to look clean and vibrant. The curves are inspired from a popcorn. A popcorn has no definite shape but in the simplest ways, it could be represented using curves. The second and the third curve in the logo, define the face to a popcorn and the first curve represents a smile. The bottom two curves represent its body. 


The box represents a container, which is being infused with the right ingredients, to pop the popcorn out, all fresh and nice. This falls in sync with the process of the brand, which is to put in extensive research and strategy together to pop-up the best solutions.

The icon is extracted from the logo and can be used as a part of the brand’s identity system.


The font

It’s bold, it’s clean, it’s modern, it’s straight forward. Period. It stands for the brand.


The choice of Red

Red signifies energy, passion, excitement. It is vibrant and is not a modest colour. The attributes of the brand like confidence and passion for work put the focus towards warm colours and red was a clear winner, which captured it all together. A hint of Crimson shade was further taken over Scarlet to add a hint of classiness over playfulness.

As red stands as the most dominant colour, its dark and light shades form a part of the colour palette to add variation and depth in communications. White will remain as a dominant colour to add to the contrast and bring out the beauty of the red colour, undiluted, un-shy.


The icons

The icons represent 6 core areas of focus for the company, namely Strategy, Business, Design, Branding, Value and Marketing. The structure uses rings as an element-extracted from the logo. The brand colours have been used to create a little visual excitement in the circles. Each icon has been designed to graphically convey what it stands for.


These can be used individually or in a pattern as a visual asset by the brand.


STRATEGY - Setting up of different paths, directed towards a goal

BUSINESS - The coming together of at least two entities for a transaction to happen

DESIGN - Means to problem solving

BRANDING - The core of a business that will affect what customers talk and perceive about it

VALUE - The most important element that a business should stand for

MARKETING - Opening up a business to the world


The visual identity centres around popcorn as an element, represented using curves.



The new identity was applied across different platforms, exploring the digital and print media and the results surely struck a chord!

Typography and the logo variations were strong elements of the brand personality across multiple applications.


Brand style guide

Last but not the least, a brand style guide is essential to ensure that the personality of the brand is not diluted over a period of time and it is used correctly by any designer who handles the brand.

Closing Thoughts

Last but not the least, a brand style guide is essential to ensure that the personality of the brand is not diluted over a period of time and it is used correctly by any designer who handles the brand.

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