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Nua is about creating totally customised feminine care experience that matters. The brand is extremely powerful and has a strong personality which defines what it stands for. What made this project extremely exciting was to capture the essence of the brand into merchandise that justifies the purpose of welcoming the employees into the Nua culture. Every element developed has a story attached to it and when put together, they all tell the beautiful story of Nua. 

We developed personas of the kind of people who are likely to get onboard with Nua. Interestingly, Nua's employee bunch has a large percentage of women, given the nature of the product and almost all of the employees fall in the age group of 21-32. This makes it a young company. So we had the liberty to add a little fun element to the employee kit, instead of making it too corporate-like. We captured some common emotions of people at work, the aesthetics of the brand and designed the entire kit with supportive copy to suit the target audience.

Nua_Bag Design.png
Notebook design.png
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The Process

We carefully studied the brand personality on one side and mapped down the target audience for the brand on the other. The employees of the company are young, in the age group of 21-32, full of energy and passion for their work and most of them are women. The work culture is full of positive vibe and the surroundings are lively.


Keeping the findings as our base, we first analysed the possibilities of merchandise and then each of them was worked upon in detail to be presented, ready to delight.

Welcome Card

Subtle, yet powerful, its the first glimpse any new employee will get into the company’s culture.

welcome card design.png

Intelligent, honest, modern

nua book page design.png
motivation gif.gif
nua book page.png
motivational quote.png


A notebook was selected as it is the most relevant merchandise for office purpose. After multiple explorations, the cover of the notebook was kept simple and bold, to fall in sync with the brand. The inside of the notebook had 5 dividers, each signifying the following:
a. The Quote
A motivational quote was chosen, which serves the purpose of encouraging people at work and also stands true for Nua’s undying spirit.

b. The Calendar

Well, a calendar is needed. Period.

c. The Story

How can a member of the family be unaware of the family history. This divider summarises all about Nua.

d. The Stress Buster

A stress buster is needed, whether it is during periods or at work. The combination made us come up with a fun section divider, with a crossword and some ice breaker questions, to encourage healthy bonds between all new members.

e. The Goals

Nua is surely an achiever. Feel inspired!

word search design nua.gif

A careful balance was created so that the visual elements stand for the brand and at the same time represent ideas relevant for the mood at work.

notebook design.png


These had amazing explorations. The generation loves accessories and stickers would be a great fit to give them something to smile about and showcase the brand too. Multiple illustrations and expressions were developed that became the most lively part of the kit! Each sticker was carefully thought about.
Our favourite one that channelises any stress that might come at work…..Calmmm….well, the girls get it!

keep calm sticker.png
period sticker.gif
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