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Welcome to my color-obsessed world!


Hellooooo! I am Radhika Nathany, a Designer from India!

I make quirky, playful and happy illustrations mainly for packaging, merchandise and print for brands looking to spread happy vibes!

My style is candid, human and honest and my favorite tools to do what I do are emotions, conversations, clever ideas, intelligent logic, a good heart and a little craziness!

I am inspired by colors (obviously), life, feelings, food, travel and nature.

Overall, it’s truly exciting!

Radhika Nathany photo, Laughing Popcorn-Packaging Merchandise Digital Design Designer

Laughing Popcorn Writes!

I love to write about design, packaging, brands, creativity and wrap it up in my stories.


A colorful illustration by Laughing Popcorn showing an ink bottle and it is the cover image of a blog for tips on print checks before printing design files

If you might not already know this about me, let me just say it – I simply love packaging design! …

A colorful illustration of a bath tub with cute flowers and bubbles by Laughing Popcorn

I think there’s something about a bath products brand, which is all colorful and vibrant! It just sounds like a …

A colorful tea branding concept by Laughing Popcorn

Before I deep dive into branding and packaging talks for tea, let me give you a little context! You know …

I love to talk about life, creativity, entrepreneurship, being yourself, working from the heart and following your insane dreams!

I would love to hear more about your podcast/show, if I seem to be a good fit to talk out there!

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