Look up to these 8 people to get some inspiration for good presentation!

Business is all about people. Strategies, techniques, plans, tools, resources are all needed but a connect, a bond, emotions, and relationships can turn the tables.

Being a good presenter plays a huge role in all this.

Specially in the way business is done today, we hear a lot about making presentations. These could be startups or entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to VCs to pitching to clients for work or perhaps even onboarding the right kind of people.

To get better at presentations, learnings could happen from observing people who are good at it. We made our own list of these top 8 people who have charmed the world with their presentation. Observing their mannerisms in their interviews, talks, writings, could play a huge role in enhancing one’s presentation skills.

Here is our selection of these people (in no particular order) and the key thing to learn from them!

1. Steve Jobs

You like him or you don’t, but it’s hard to ignore him. He is a legend. He is an inspiration. People still follow his sayings and look up to him. He holds an authority. When you hear him talk, his passion rubs off on you. It makes you admire him. He immensely loved and believed in whatever he did and stood for. We as humans get affected by the energy around us and his was surely a powerful one.

The key learnings from him while presenting would be to have total belief in whatever you present. Work for it, make it good and then talk about it with full faith. You could always say that he totally loved what he did. Smaller things like how he stressed and paused on the words or bits in his talk about what Apple has done specified this.

2. Harvey Specter (fictitious character from the American series, Suits)

Although a fictitious character, there is lots to learn from him when it comes to having swag and leaving an impression on people. One thing that strikes out is confidence. One could also say that confidence in him comes from having a clear intention to do the right thing. That changes the energy. It makes you more powerful and makes people admire you for who you are. So in a presentation, try to be yourself and the results might surprise you.

Being yourself means, standing up for what you think is right and not going wrong with your ethics in the name of being your self. The other thing to be learned for Harvey is how well-dressed he is and his mannerisms. Yes, your attire does create an impact. It’s not always important to be formal, but surely one should not look like just-sprung-out-of-bed for a presentation.

3. Amitabh Bachchan

Perhaps because of the low he has seen in life, he is extremely humble when he talks to people. His talks feel warm and feel relatable inspite of being at the stature that he is. Be it on the stage or showering hospitality on a guest in his tv show, it’s a delight to listen to him.

The key thing to learn from him is how amazingly well he moulds himself to resonate with the audience and talk their language. It makes them love him. Not to forget his clear diction and powerful voice which also sways people off their feet.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk

He is perhaps one of the most powerful figures on the digital platforms in our times. He has taken the internet world by storm with his following in millions. Whatever he says sends a jolt in your mind, for betterment. His biggest strength is his energy, which never seems to fade out. He is loud and out there. Perhaps, with him even in a talk, you would never fall asleep.

He will say swear words without a blink of eyes and that has almost become a key element of his personality. His style of loud pitch, high energy seems to be surely working in his favour as it drills down his message in the minds of the audience by capturing their focus and attention. It’s hard to forget what he says.

5. Oprah Winfrey

To connect with the audience, you also have to be a good listener. Observe around and let your presentation and talks be suitable for the audience to hear and receive.

Oprah seems to be really good at managing this bit and pivoting conversations to balance her powerful screen presence with that of her guests. Her clear diction is another charm, which is a skill that can be mastered for sure by practice and being more sensitive about how words are coming out of your mouth. How to pause, how to moderate your pitch and sound more clear.

6. Karan Johar

He made coffee a charm on Indian television. He is a popular choice as a host for many shows. This is just a very small part of the list of his achievements, which includes being a popular Indian movie director, a successful producer and much more.

And to sum it up, he surely does all of it really well! Things to learn from him are that he seems to have an amazing command on his language. It seems to be adding to his confidence while speaking. He is flawless. Also, he really loves what he does and because of his rapport with people, he can easily mould conversations.

One should follow him to see how he handles comments, stays firm in talking even amongst different people and is polished with his words.

7. Michelle Obama

She’s made a place for herself in the hearts of people beyond the shadows of her husband. It’s not very easy for the first lady to get there. She should be admired not only for the person she is but also the way be controls her words and modulates the tone to make a difference.

She can be seen as having the perfect pauses, the perfect pace, and stress on words as needed. It will make listening to her a pleasure in itself, beyond the amazing talks she has to deliver.

8. Shah Rukh Khan

He is one of the most popular faces of the Indian Film Industry. He has touched the hearts of millions across the globe. He has been talked about as one of the most popular actors across the world.

But apart from his movies where he is known to charm away women, he is really known for being a brilliant mind and giving entertaining interviews and being a good host too.

One can learn to play the charming card from him really well. There are lots to learn for your next presentation from him, in terms of how he uses wittiness to make the audience smile, how he plays a joke on himself and how he floors them every now and then to make them fall in love with him. Surely something every presenter would want to achieve!

That’s a lot of inspiration! But once you get into the game and get command over it, it will surely be a delight. While some things stay as basics for all, one out of these people could guide your style and the hook you could create.

Find yours and develop it!

Delighted by them all, Laughing Popcorn

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