Branding Workshop - Google for Startups - Superwomen

Addressing the Superwomen!

Radhika Nathany conducted a workshop for women entrepreneurs under the initiative by Google for Startups called Superwomen. I took the participants along the whole journey of branding.

Visions started shining bright.

In this interaction with the entrepreneurs, she gave them a detailed behind the scenes of what goes into developing a brand strategy, the thinking, the process, the tangibles and why is it critical for business.

It lasted with about 3 hours and included an activity too.

"The greatest achievement that I felt was that after the workshop a lot of them told me it got them thinking of business in a new light and they are happy to work on it." Nothing could have felt better than knowing that the workshop didn't fall to deaf ears but had an impact to last." , says Radhika.

She further adds that her core focus was to get people into understanding what branding really is. She feels there is such a huge gap between branding and the understanding in the business world. She aims to bridge the gap specially for all the upcoming entrepreneurs.

She says that she keeps these sessions as close as possible to how it happens in the real world. How companies build their brands and what goes behind it all. The theory was balanced by examples to discuss. It was indeed loved by all!

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