Talk at WordCamp by WordPress, Mumbai

Standing amongst the stalwarts.

Radhika Nathany gave a talk at the WordCamp, an event organised by WordPress in Mumbai. This was a part of the WordCamps that are held by the company across the globe.

The event sees some of the best minds of the industry come together.

"While I do not hold expertise in the field of web development, especially to the extent the amazing people in the community work, it was a pleasure to get an applaud with the audience.", says Radhika.

The talk was addressed as "The Hidden Gems - Combining the Power of WordPress and Design". She focussed on the approach to be followed even before getting in front of a web development platform. What should be the approach? How to get the best out of the development and the importance of the "WHY" question.

She further adds, "I always love addressing people and talking about how design and branding can add value in their industry. This experience was no different." 

One of the key learnings of the talk was, 'Ask the right questions'.

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