What is Brand Strategy?

I breathe and live in the world of brands and I cannot deny the fact that there is a huge gap amongst people in the understanding of what a brand really is. Many entrepreneurs fail to understand it and hence, do not implement it in their business. Without any bias to the profession I am in, I think not being aware of what a brand really is could be a huge loss or opportunity being missed for a business.

Here, I will try to break down this fancy sounding term into simpler language to drive home some understanding.

I hope we all agree to the fact that to get to a goal, we have to work towards it. If we put in the efforts in the right way, consistently and have complete clarity about what to do, it will make it easier for us to not only achieve the goals, but also achieve them faster.

In the journey of business, one of the many things that helps you in this phase of moving towards your goals is brand strategy.

Let’s take an example. In very simple words you have a goal saying, I want to be a successful business man. Well, love the goal, but now what? What is your definition of ‘success’? Have you thought about how will you measure it? How soon do you wish to achieve it? It’s critical to break your goal into something tangible and measurable.

Once there is clarity on a goal, you will have to think about how to achieve it. If you are in business, you will have to have sales, of course. Now back track further, how will you sell? what will you sell? whom will you sell it to? How will you tell them that you have something to sell?

So far so good?

When you go deeper and think about really ‘selling’, your mind might make you think. But hey! there are so many other people selling the same thing, how will I find a place for myself!? And will people like me? How do I make them like me?

Think of this situation like, you have a crush on a person and want them to like you back. What will you do? You might dress up to appeal to them. You might suddenly do things that you know they like. You will ask friends about their likes and dislikes and try to abide by them yourself. If you get a chance to speak to them, you might sound little different! If I can say, you will make a ‘conscious’ effort to get their attention.

This same thing is applicable to business!

You will want to make a conscious effort to make your customers like you. You might also want to get conscious about what are your customers like, so that you can make sure that everything you do, appeals to them. If they fall in the upper middle class segment and you want their attention, you might want to sound like a Mercedes, Gucci, Armani! You will want to put yourself up in areas where they can see you, like the high-end localities of your city.

Are we going logically so far?

Now, few other things that you will do are you will CONSTANTLY make an effort to appeal to your customers. You will keep reaching out, in different ways but with the same message/voice and tome. You will not want to suddenly jump from talking luxury to necessity. You will want your customer to ‘feel luxury’ whenever you get a change, instead of letting any end left lose.

When you make these conscious efforts in your business revolving around how you behave, look, sound, appeal, show emotions, communicate, make your customers fall in love, attract them, stay relevant for them, strike the right chord with them and become a part of their world, guess what, you are building your brand!

And as simply as strategy means a plan, when you do all this in a systematic, planned way to ensure you get to your goals right, instead of wandering around, you are building a brand strategy. Hence, the subject ties together the world of business, design, marketing and most importantly HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY to help achieve goals.

The vastness and subjectivity that this subject covers is what makes me fall in love with more and more everyday...

Going back to reading stories of achievement, Radhika Nathany,

Brand Strategist/CEO,

Laughing Popcorn

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