16th - 31st August 2020

Popcorn Journal

The secret website sauce.

No, no, we are not trying to flaunt in here. Or may be little bit! But our website has been liked by many! Really. No lies in here. So we thought, why not share our approach. May be our learnings and insights might help you too. So the flow of the next few things you read, might sound like Laughing Popcorn mantras. Overall, we really took the human-centric approach rather than tool-centric approach.
Let's get to it!

The first thought for the website was, we want it different. Anything template like was totally shunned away by us. Then the next was to understand. Wow! Different sounds amazing. But what does different really mean?! We found lot of our answers in our brand's personality. So firstly, if you haven't really thought about your brand but are wanting to jump to a 'different looking' website, let's be clear, it doesn't happen that way! Unless the first thing you know is 'who you are?', you can't put it out to the world.

The next was focussing on the idea of how will a user think when she/he comes to our website or rather what experience do we want to give them when they visit our 'digital home'. That thought was the guiding light for the flow of content, what to put, where to put and the entire navigation. We thought through all the questions they might want answered, to save their time and effort. We then planned the entire structure and gave visuals and words to what does 'different' mean. There is no guess work. We designed styleboards to define it all. To further ensure that everything captures the right vibe, we thought through each piece of content and illustration that goes up.

Above all, what really surprised lot of people is that this website has been designed on the Wix platform. Well, honestly it is said to have lot of constraints. But guess what, we are problem solvers and focus on goals. When that's the approach, tools are not a constraint. And if Wix was helping us by being coding-free and easy to use and fulfilling all requirements, then why hide from it. With clarity of purpose and determination we approached it all and well, the results are here to stay. That is what really matters....

Creative versus strategic - what's what for a brand?

There's creative, there's strategy. Both are needed, both are different. Both are super important. Both are confused! I am being honest. Being in the industry for a while now (not grey-haired though), I have come across this overlap of these two things. It's probably because they both are critical for a brand's success and it is the combination of both that helps come up with solutions that are almost magical. So I guess it's important to spell out the difference, especially because if you are an entrepreneur, it will help you gauge if one of the two is missing for your brand.

Here's my perception - Strategy to me essentially is a plan to get from one point to the other. But it is an unbiased, neutral approach to this plan. This means that if a brand strategy is conducted, it is getting together all perspectives, be it the owner's, customer's, competitors, trends, goals and so on, such that different possibilities could be explored and the best solution for the brand could be devised. By solution what I mean in here is the problem which had to be solved. It's about planning how should the brand be developed, its personality be shaped, its values and so on - again the approach has to be unbiased. 


Coming to creative thinking. This is generally more close to the tangible aspects of the brand, like a logo, an advertisment, a campaign, packaging or website and is about thinking through things like styles, colors, copy, ways to execute and so on. However, I believe that creative thinking has a much wider dimension to it. Creative thinking could be applied to experiences, customer service, sales and to everything in business as a whole! To me creative thinking is essentially about being able to just think of endless possibilites or ideas and thoughts.

The magical marriage - I believe that when both these combine, it is pure magic. It's a balance of the two that can make solutions unique. While creative thinking can expand the options available to come up with a strategy, strategy gives a direction to creative thinking. Even when you are thinking about creative possibilities, you can keep a goal in mind to keep ideas relevant, yet keep exploring varieties in that bucket. 

Now, if you feel like something missing in your brand, think about was the goal not clear enough, was the plan to get there biased or were the endless possibilities not explored to the fullest via creative thinking?

- Radhika Nathany



There are no regrets. It all depends on how you take it.


First talk about your purpose then your product. It makes a huge difference.

Sherlock Holmes
Extremely intelligent, Observant, Analytical, Logical, Witty, Practical

Have you been overthinking?


Pepsi got its name from the digestive enzyme, Pepsin.

It's about making decisions, taking a plunge or about just being out there on social media. But there are concerns, the heart pounds, you think about the good and bad, you think responsibility, freedom, losses, gains and it goes on and on and on.

But you know what! Sometimes the best ideas happen when they have not been trapped in the box of perfection. Sometimes, the energy that confidence and happiness fuels into something is much more powerful than the doubt and worry that has influenced it. And with our experience, we really believe that brands require the fuel of right energy to grow. Overthinking, generally never gives the best for your brand, just like how over planned pictures are never as good as the candid ones!

So without going too heavy anymore, just hug yourself and take the plunge! Now, we mean it for your brand, but if it inspires you for anything else in life too, we are glad to have shared the thought! ;)

You are awesome. Never forget it.


The thing about being unique is on our mind.

Are you also looking for 'out of the box' ideas?

Honestly, out of the box ideas don't just pop-up! They need a direction too. Also, they just can't be random, they need to work and stand for a purpose too. Radhika shares her perspective on how to go about it.

We were LIVE on Instagram.

We know, we know, it's no big deal. Being live is so usual! But everything first is super special, right. And this was our first live session and interaction with our audience and hence we are excited and couldn't resist sharing. Radhika shared tips and tricks on how to approach the digital space to stand out from the crowd. It was nice. One key takeaway - Before you jump out in the market, give a thought to why are you doing it, who are you doing it for...
If you still haven't checked us out on Instagram, would love for you to have a look now! We keep going nuts in there.


They say Leos are unthreatened to see their mates succeed. Nice! Be proud of it.

After all it's your month...


Good Reads

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon - A super inspiration if you are looking to learn how to get creative!

"If it rained pizzas on a beach and ice creams on the hills, where would you go?
Knew this would be tricky! But life is about making choices..."

Hang in there! See you later.

Popcorn Journal - 16th - 31st August 2020

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