‘Serious’ issues in a ‘Designer’s life!’

Image showing illustrated Laughing Popcorn and a witty way to show the fun blog, about being a designer

Oh! I have been living the designer’s life since forever now! So classy, fancy. Yaa, we only do big talks and you know, deal with fancy things…


Ok you got it!! Let me come to the point and let’s get real in here. Tighten your seat belts as I jump into ‘serious issues’ that happen when you are living a Designer’s Life!

Look! This is serious stuff! Do not take my 'designer's life' lightly!

1. Telling the world what you do!

Let’s face it. Being a designer means you have deprived yourself of social acceptance for life! Like imagine your cousin introducing himself/herself to the world as a CA, a professional being, fancy corporate job etc etc etc….And here you are, telling your aunt/uncle at the party that YOU ARE…A DESIGNER!

Hahaha! There!

You have literally deprived yourself of social acceptance for life! Let me repeat this to remind you of that!

Designer haan! It’s basic interpretation is either you do nothing or else the next thing you will do is design a logo for the ‘new shop’ of your aunt/uncle and get some peanuts for it! Oh c’mon! You should be happy – at least you are being given some money for it! Otherwise, designer haan! You must be willing to starve for life!

Oh Oh! And let me not forget to mention, if you say that you are a designer, it means you are the one who is brewing creative ideas ALL THE TIME! So be it family weddings, birthdays, this occasion, that occasion, the responsibility of packing, decorating the house, fancy presentation of the table, suggesting your aunts what to wear – EVERYTHING COMES ON YOUR HEAD! – Because you are designer haan! – So c’mon exercise your creative mind! You are a designer haan! It means, you anyway do nothing!

But wait a sec, how did I get all these responsibilities!!!! I came to the party only for FREE FOOD!!! 😕 And here I am, doing “Free Work!” 😲😲


2. Life dilemma – Going from I can’t do it to this is the best idea ever (After chocolate, of course!)

Look, no one takes this seriously enough! But this one’s really a toughie! If you are living a designer’s life, you are obviously a creative soul! And I think that is closely related to taking things EXTREMELY PERSONALLY! No matter how much experience you get, it does matter to you that you do good work and it gets appreciation here and there! 

But you know, when the moment comes, you are there, you have to ‘design’, the best thing! It is to be done, you are focussed, trying hard and your ideas just feel MEHH! 

Huhh!! All you want to do is, simply QUIT!

I am not meant for this!! I can never be a designer – It’s only about these thoughts for the moment. UNTIL!!….TADAAAAAA!!

Hold your breath! Something magical happens! That fanciness pops-up! Lightening strikes your grey cells and there you are!!! 

Ohhhhhh!!!! “This is such a great idea!!!”, I knew I can do this! Look at this beauty!!! – Huh! You get the idea and suddenly your faith in yourself and in the world resumes like nothing else!

This swing of mood, going in a loop, will continue forever! Well, well! Such is the designer’s life!

3. Tea/coffee become your best friends

I think there’s something fancy about a tea cup lying on the messy table. You are sketching, ooohhh, brewing ideas, colors, thoughts and in the middle of all of this, lies a cup – warm, steaming….

C’mon! Isn’t it an artistic picture if you imagine it! – Tea/coffee just has to be there! It’s just like a humble soul adding company to your designer’s life! You need it! 

Or those times, when you get into those ‘high level’ discussions or even when you have nothing to discuss at all! – Anytime, every time, has to be tea or coffee time!

UFFF! I am glad I got a good cup of tea this morning! Otherwise, the day would have just not been possible! C’mon!!! I have responsibilities on my head as a ‘DESIGNER!’

4. You don’t need people, but you need people

Hahaaa! Don’t lie! You need your me-time! I mean you just need to get all comfy, do nothing, just beeeee…..! Browse your phone, the internet, just look around….just be……!

Wait a sec! This is getting too much! “I should get out! I need to meet people. Network, socialise!” – I need to tell the world ‘I AM A DESIGNER!!!!’

Illustration by Laughing Popcorn, showing socialising issues in a fun way.

Suddenly your mood changes! Bored of your me—time, you step out. You decide to ‘meet people’, only to realise that all you need, is your ‘me time’….!

Huhh! Annoying socialising issues just pop-up when you are living the designer’s life you see! By the way, if you are not hurting enough already imaging yourself surrounded by people, let me remind of another issue! – “Are you really ready and ok with small talk?!” 🤪

5. Your shower time becomes a ‘chamber of secrets’ for ideas!

Dumbdy, dumby dum! – Here you are….So relaxed, stepping into your comfy shower. Oh you just want to relax…feel fresh…no thoughts…calm…the nice water….

AAAAAAhhhh!!! But the best idea just popped-up! OMG! OMG!!! This is what I was looking for all day! This is itttt!! Eurekaaa!!! I think I will conquer the world!!!

Ok stop! But admit! The best ideas do pop-up when the mind is relaxed and it becomes a second nature to expect ideas in the shower time!

So basically, your shower time is ruined forever, if you are living a designer’s life.

6. Being cool versus let’s get real!

So if you living a designer’s life, you either have friends from the same bunch! I mean c’mon! Who else would you hang out with! Haaahaa! Birds of a feather flock together!!!

And just in case, you are like so fancy that you don’t hang out with design friends, then you live in the fancy thoughts of your other friends!

Here’s how It feels –

Your friends would say –

Oh!! How fancy. So you must be dealing with all colors and drawing all fancy things all day…Such a cool life to have!

What they feel in their heart –

Lucky one! Basically she never has to do anything!

How you feel when your friends shower all their appreciation –

“Rosy cheeks!”, Pompous, ok!! Stop blushing, the reality is actually piercing your heart and also going to hit you in the next sentence!

How you really feel in the heart –

Damn! How will I manage my rent with this god damn project!

7. File naming joke

Like c’mon now! I don’t want to write much about this. It will feel like I am just trying to increase the word count of this blog, if I try to explain this one. Let this image say it all!

Fun take at how designers name files

8. Clients

Ok! I will not be too mean here! After all, I gotta work with clients! But a designer’s life is not completed until they have cursed ‘those’ clients till eternity! 

OK OK! I am not being mean! I love a lot of them too!!!! But you get the point!


Such is the adventurous designer’s life! Huh!! And you thought it is a rosy-rosy picture to be painted! Such a noob!! You neglected all these ‘serious issues!’

But, but, but! You know what - No matter how it feels, no matter what the world says, no matter what is right or wrong, if ever given a choice, I would be nothing else, but a DESIGNER!

I simply adore and love being the creative mess that I am!

Ok! Toodles! Going back to living my designer’s life for now.
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