Tot and Them

Branding for Non Alcoholic Beer and Community Building

What was needed?

Design a brand for teetotallers. They do not consume alcohol, but love to socialise. It comes in with peer pressure to have alcohol.

The challenge was how can a brand stand for them, be super unique for them and also justify being a beer brand, not a premium or classy wine.



- Study existing brands in the market.

- Development of the brand story - centred around being witty about all nagging faced by teetotallers.

- Think about all instances a teetotaller could face in social settings for his choice of not having alcohol.

- Use witty ways to flip the thoughts and frame copy on how he could answer them back.

- Develop characters to capture the vibe of the communications.

- Animate short clips for story telling.

- Convert the story into the brand's visual identity system.

- Design brand packaging and other merchandise.

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