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Well, I am a teetotaller, which means I do not consume alcohol. Yes! It's true. People like me do exist too. But of course I love to have a social life, chill with friends, celebrate and as expected, I have had numerous instances in such times where I have faced amazement, concern, nagging for my choice of not having alcohol. So while it sometimes, bothered me, I grew over it. I now laugh at it instead of feeling like a social outcast! But I realised that there are many people like me who feel embarrassed, just because they make choices which are opposite to the general view of the society that they live in! That is how I came up with the idea of 'Be a Tot'! Tot represents a character, who is a teetotaller and is constantly nagged by 'Them', a character representing the voice of people in the society. However, instead of feeling bad, Tot totally embraces it all like a cool dude, laughs at it and adds his hint of wit and charm to answer back. 

Tot and Them is now a community that aims to help people leave alcohol or to help those find a voice who have made a choice not to have alcohol, but still want to enjoy their social life. The vibe that I wanted to capture was chilled, fun, entertaining, yet rooted in a deep message.


Tot now has his community and a growing fan-following!

You never know, he might be the next Instagram star.

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