Empower Women

Calling Young Volunteers to Support the NGO!

What was needed?

Tumaini is a Spain based NGO that works with NGOs in other developing countries and provides them with volunteers to help their people. A campaign was needed to call volunteers, but also amply the image of the NGO and communicate it's energy, passion and belief in what they do.



- Think of cliche ways to show women empowerment.

- Make sure, these ways are not used.

- Think about how to do it differently?

- Make a concept around representing different strengths of women in an abstract, vibrant way. 

- Execute to bring it to life!

There is so much.

To talk about women empowerment, we took the idea of talking about India-centric women achievements in different fields and identified a powerful trait associated with them. Like, the women- centric Ghoomar dance of Rajasthan signifies Grace in women. As a whole, it says women have so much capability, if they are given a chance and support.
The idea of the campaign revolved around seeking attention of people using vibrant representations and strong messages like these, to encourage them to step forward and bridge the gap between what women can do, and their situation in the backward regions. 

Make them shine with your support.

The newsletter

The newsletter covers the whole campaign and could be used to reach out to volunteers to let them know more about GLC.

"We are talking about the capabilities of women. The visual language of the campaign had to represent the same. "

There is Adventure

Abstract elements, inspired by the women and their traits that represent them were used to put the visual messaging together. This one is about the Indian Mountaineer, Bachendri Pal. Her stories are nothing less than true adventure. 
Let there be many more Bachendris making us proud. 

"We strongly believed that the messaging by an NGO for a noble cause, should be said aloud with a bang!"

"Women have the power to win against all evil. Let them embrace their true strength.

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