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What was needed?

Branding for a social place that looks premium, yet feels warm and has an organic and earthy vibe. It should also be associated with thought provoking ideas.

The biggest challenge was to balance the contradictory qualities of the brand of being premium yet approachable.


- Study existing brands in the market.

- Understand the user profiles of the target audience.

- Copywriting for key brand messaging.
- Style selection for establishing the identity.
- Brand identity design and execution.


About Tweet House

Tweet House is a home for the members of the Twitter community. It is a cafe, a meeting room, a platform to exchange ideas and to attend events, just the way you like them. It is a place where members can take their conversations and interactions offline and engage to create stronger bonds. 

Tweet House is different from a regular cafe as people come to cafes for some private time and approaching a table just to talk to people might not be welcomed by others. Approaching a person at The Tweet House won’t feel odd as people will come here with the mindset of connecting to strangers, listening to their stories, learning from one another. 

Twitter is all about sharing your outlook and interacting with people. Derived from Twitter’s key value, that stands for ‘free expression’, everything at the house supports just the same!


Who is this for?

The membership is open to Twitteratis who have been active on Twitter for at least a period of 12 months, where being active implies not a gap of more than 1 month between tweets. Once they become a member, their profile picture on Twitter will reflect the Tweet House logo, making them available for offline connections.

The Logo

Bold, modern, creative, free. The logo shows people coming together and the open circle represents opening up of boundaries and breaking free. The identity has an organic feel attached to it, to connect to the audience better and stand for the brand's idea which revolves around getting people together, encouraging openness and conversations.


"It is a matured, premium brand, yet,  has warmth attached to it.
It stands for strong, free ideas and expression. The personality of the brand had to
appeal to the target audience.


Free hand illustrations were chosen to capture this aspect into the visual identity." 



The first outlet of The Tweet House will be located in New York. 

New York is like the financial capital of the world. It is a cosmopolitan city and celebrates not just diversity of cultures, but also perceptions, business and lifestyleIt is an equal home for the giants of their industries and also for those wanting to dream and achieve big. It is also a metro city, with individuals having good connectivity across. 

It resonates with the identity of Twitter, that celebrates diversity. It will be the perfect location to get started!





"The brand is an extension of the Twitter culture.
It has to welcome diversity with open arms."

poster_v02a.2019-10-18 16_49_54.gif

There is warmth, excitement, trust.

Members can avail facilities like access to books, cafe, interacting with other members, access to free wi-fi, network and attend events.

Just like Tweets can be read by any site visitor also, but tweeting requires you to create an account, any visitor can come and access only the cafe for a maximum time of 45 minutes any day. They cannot avail any other facilities of the cafe. 

smpost_gif_v01b.2019-10-18 16_30_09.gif
indicator_v01a.2019-10-18 17_07_35.gif

All tables at the house will have a ‘table slider’. This is an indication to other members if the person sitting there is open to others approaching him/her to have a conversation. If the slider is down, it is an indication to others to respect privacy as the member is already in a conversation with someone else. 

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