How to design a fun and colorful bath products brand?

A colorful illustration of a bath tub with cute flowers and bubbles by Laughing Popcorn

I think there’s something about a bath products brand, which is all colorful and vibrant! It just sounds like a such a fun bubbly-tubbly bath! (Ok! I get it, this is a little silly me getting excited!), but that’s how it feels to me when I think of colorful, vibrant, fun and nice smelling bath products!

C’mon! You would agree I guess. Isn’t it nice to add some colors to your shower and your me time?! 

A word of caution, before you read forward.

This is purely my creative brain, popping out ideas to share what it takes to design a fun and colorful bath products brand! Of course, there’s been some research and I have surely clubbed in all my design experience, in here. But, I would say all that is the technical stuff. I would like to keep this super human and fun!!! I believe, when the mind is at peace and happy, the best creative ideas pop in the head, one after the other!

So here’s a piece of my brain (or should I say heart), that is refusing to stay wrapped up any further. It wants to pop-out all the crazy, fun ideas for your bath products brand!

An overview of how to go about branding your bath products brand!

Warning! What I am about to write in the next few sentences might sound like a repetition which I say in all my posts. Nevertheless, it is super important to say it. The first thing to get your branding game up is to understand the real meaning of branding. I would say, its really all about people! How can you make your customers fall in love with your brand?

The better you understand your customers, the better answers you have, the better will be the branding and design of your awesome, fun, fresh and amazing bath products brand!

If I were to give an example of a soap brand that comes top of mind to me currently, it would be Dr.Squatch soap! Of course, it is fun! It has wit written all over its branding and marketing. If you haven’t already done so, check out their YouTube ad which got them Millions of views and helped change the fortune of the brand. And if you are unaware of this brand, they are a popular name. It is not just because of the wits, but also because they scaled up their revenues, just by selling soaps in a very short amount of time.

Phew! Quite a case study for a bath products brand and so much to learn too! And I think we would all agree that the success has been all thanks to the fact that they understood their customers extremely well!

Here’s where a brand strategy comes into play. It is a strategic way to help you take better decisions to design your bath products brand, or any other brand for that matter. So please take all the ides shared below with a pinch of salt! They will work the best, if you have defined your brand well. If you don’t explore deep enough to touch the emotional chords of your audience, then naaaah! Even the most colorful and fun brand will just feel like food without salt. 

So having set the context right, let’s jump into how could design further help enhance the fun and colorful vibe of your bath products brand! Here are some ways to do so –


1. Illustrations

Ok! Please don’t catch hold of me so harshly, if you think this is my bias! Yes!!! I totally adore illustrations and they are my forever go to style for art direction, creative direction, branding, art, whatever you say! For me personally, illustrations are a great way to style your brand, as they allow flexibility in terms of how we could visually depict a brand. There are endless styles and forms of art that exist! So there’s so much to do in the world of illustrations for brands. Further, what I love about illustrations is their ability to add so much emotions and life into visual identity systems for a brand. 

Moreover, when it comes to creating a fun brand, there are endless possibilities with illustrations!

You could come up with a super fun and colorful piece of art work for your brand and centre the visual identity around it.

We could also give your brand a cute, adorable mascot! Maybe the mascot is embracing different poses to convey different stories of your brand, on the packaging of the products. Or maybe, your mascot is carrying different fruits, that depict the pretty fragrance that your products carry! There’s so much to play around with when it comes to illustrations and they are surely a great, super unique way to add a fun vibe to your bath products brand!

Also, you could have an exclusive illustration system, just for your brand and become irreplaceable with its identity!

Love this one!


2. Choice of fonts and colors

This might be a little technical. But I think it requires a mention. When the creative direction is set for your brand, by an experienced designer or creative director, (Oh! I don’t want to be pompous, but I can call myself a little bit of that, you know, with all experience and knowledge and all! 😌….. Ok! Sorry for this deliberate self-promotion!)

Coming back. Yes, it is true, every font, every color, every visual style evokes a ‘feeling’ in the minds and hearts of the viewers. This might be completely at a sub-conscious level, but it is all these elements that come together to give feelings and convey emotions. Like, a super formal font, say the likes of Times New Roman, might just kill the fun buzz! So if you are looking to give your brand a fun vibe, ensure that all design elements support your ‘oh so noble’ cause of spreading happy vibes with your brand.

Maybe we need some hand written font feels here please!

3. Of course you have colorful products!

Goes without saying I guess. But sometimes while looking at the bigger picture, we tend to miss out on the tiny things that could really matter. So I am saying it. There are endless possibilities to play with colors when it comes to bath products! Haven’t we seen oh so colorful bath bombs and super vibrant shower gels and amazingly colorful soap bars?! They are an instant way to add a spark of fun to your brand! Maybe you balance it with a simplified brand identity system, or maybe you choose to let your branding take your products to the next level by adding even more colors, but the more colorful is your product range, the more vibrant and lively your brand is likely to look.

A special mention for the brand, Lush here please!

There are endless brands making bath bombs and adding so many colors to their products, but my first memory of seeing colorful bath products was from the brand, Lush. I remember walking into a Lush store at Palladium Mall in Mumbai and I was almost mesmerised with the freshness and vibrancy of colors displayed all over the store! I felt like I am in a fairy land. Of course, an extremely charming one! And if you are not already aware, Lush is known for its minimal packaging and its signature black packaging. So this for me it is a classic example of adding colors to your range of bath products, but keeping the brand identity to a minimum. And even with this minimalism, who is missing the charm of life in all of Lush’s products! It is spot on!

So color your products and maybe that’s all that you need for a vibrant bath products brand!

Ooh! And maybe add some glitters in there too!? 😃

4. Shapes of the products

Another idea to add happy, fun vibes to your bath products brand, is using fun shapes! Ok, ok, I am simplifying it now! So, maybe your soaps could be looking like a water melon slice or maybe a strawberry?! Maybe your bath bombs look like a cup cake! Or could they be doughnuts?

Or maybe, its not your product, but the packaging which is all fun! Could be that your shower gel comes in a bottle shaped like a fruit or shaped like an icecream cone. Oh ohh! Taking about icecream cones, another idea pops up in my head! Maybe your soap is round, and the packaging includes a cut-out of an ice-cream cone, and the soap is occupying the place of the icecream scoop! 


Ok!! This is just getting too much fun for my crazy, little, obsessed with creative thinking mind and I could churn endless ideas! But I think, you get the point!


5. Good photography

I mean c’mon! If you are making these charming products, your photography game has to be on point! In the given times, digital media is obviously the first place where customers are likely to see your brand. So you surely don’t want poor photography to take away all its charm!

You don’t want to make an extremely fun, vibrant brand but lose on the point that when your customers look at it, they are unable to feel the niceness.

A colorful illustration of a bath tub with cute flowers and bubbles by Laughing Popcorn

Investment in good photography for your products will surely be worth it and could go a long way in helping you build a stronger bath products brand. So don’t shy way from it please! I know, I am no pro at photography! Yes, I admit that. Though my job is all about visuals, and my mind works around it all, but executing good photography is surely not something I would get into. I would leave it for the experts and I highly recommend you should do it too. It will help you make a mark with your bath products brand out there, in a crowded, crowded world!


6. Instagram, Pinterest 

Speaking of good photography, you are not getting into branding and all the fun in the world to keep your brand wrapped up in your closet! Are you!? It has to come out into the world and let everyone see the goodness! And Instagram and Pinterest are surely the go to places for brands to showcase their visual side. So go all over! Put up nice pictures of your products and let these platforms be a part of your brand building. You could further have a content strategy to ensure that your audience stays connected with your brand and always looks forward to your amazing visuals! I believe the more appealing your product looks to your audience, the more they are likely to include it in their bath time as it is something just so personal! 

Go all over, maintain high standards and let your audience have the best of your bath products brand!

Wrapping up about your bath products brand…

So these are some things that you could incorporate to give fun vibes to your products and brand. I would also want to mention good fragrance in here. Afterall, we want to appeal to consumers via all their senses. But, I also feel that likeness for fragrance is super subjective. So connect it back to your target audience. If your study says that your consumers are likely to be positive about nice smelling bath products, then surely add it to your products. Further you could also have nice visuals, making your audience ‘feel’ the niceness of fragrance too!

Ok, I know you might say that Radhika, why talk so much about the product. We are here for branding! But you know what, designing a brand and business goals are so closely related. They work hand in hand. And also everything about your product will also influence the vibe of your brand! So yes, I do not shy away from talking about your product too! But ya, I will surely limit the business talk just till here.

By the way, if you are further looking to understand how to start a bath bomb business, right from home, you might find this article on Shopify useful!

Oh! Oh! Wait a sec!

I know this feels like the closing of bubbly-tubly, colorful, fun bath talks! But I want to mention about naming a bath products brand, before closing it up!

A good name is surely another factor that could be an instant way to elevate the fun, vibrant vibe of your brand! If it is in sync with the required vibe, it is surely a huge bonus!

What should I name my bath and body products brand?

I felt, this might be your next question.

And though this may not sound like a super direct answer, here it goes. – Let your brand story and your brand strategy guide you to come up with fun names for your brand!

I am serious! Remember I mentioned in the beginning. Every decision about your brand must align with its brand strategy and overall creative direction. So to name a brand, I would stay conscious and pick hidden clues (real gems) on what could be a unique name for your brand! Maybe its how you started, or maybe there’s something peculiar about the way you are packaging your products. Or maybe we find clues in the emotions that your audience relates to while having a nice bubble bath!

It’s these small things that will form the base for an interesting name for your bath products brand.

Further, it can run through technical filters like is it exclusive or already exists? Does it mean anything different in any other language by any chance? And many more of these.

But let your brand direction be the base for a good, fun, catchy name for your bath products brand.


Now this is really the closing of me churning ideas about branding and design for a bath products brand! 
And I hope it will be as much fun for you to design your amazingly vibrant brand as it has been for me to imagine the same!

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Toodles! And have a great day and a comfy bath! 🙂

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