Beat your fears and fall in love with talking on camera with my course on Skillshare!

Talking on camera need not always be scary!
We are living in a time when you are required to be out there. Be it going live, recording videos, webinars, presentations, you need to show up to make your presence felt.

But, it’s really not the easiest and the nicest thing to do for so many people! 

It all started when me being my usual, super excited self would go and talk on camera. I would go live and give presentations, whenever I got a chance. Gradually, I received lot of fancy compliments, specially centred around how comfortable I was and how it is a huge roadblock for so many people! That’s how I decided to make this course!

It’s a 31 minutes course, available on Skillshare!

Fall in love with talking on camera, Skill Share course by Laughing Popcorn
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Glimpse from inside the course!

Radhika Nathany teaching course on Skillshare - talking on camera
Radhika Nathany teaching course on Skillshare - Talking on camera
A glimpse from inside the course - Get over the fear of talking on camera - Laughing Popcorn

Course Features

  • View the course as many times as you like
  • A self-project
  • Submit your project and get it reviewed by me
  • Share your questions, comments on Skillshare for my reply
  • Access to other courses too, on Skillshare with my referral link

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is meant to help you present on camera with ease! And in given times, so much of our work happens digitally and on camera! So this course if suitable for all those who struggle to make an impression with their video presentations or to even chat on video with ease. This course could be helpful for – 

  • Small entrepreneurs who frequently require to make presentations to their client
  • Creatives who struggle to speak on camera with confidence
  • Entrepreneurs who feel lost with what and how to talk and forget what they have to say
  • Professionals looking to step-up their presentation game and charm their audience
  • Teachers wanting to take digital classes and make courses
  • Students looking to improve on their online interview, public speaking and presentation skills

Once understood, the principles of this course will not only help with online presentations but also improve offline public speaking skills.

I will be happy to see you in the course!

How did I learn to get comfortable and confident with talking on camera?!

Let’s this be a warm up conversation before you dive into my course and get over your fears of talking on camera! 

Let me tell you a little personal story here.

I was in my ninth grade, when the popular dance classes by choreographer Shiamak Davar started in my home town, Jaipur! Oh it was such a rage and fortunately, my mother got me enrolled in those classes. And if you are unfamiliar with the format of these classes, they have a stage show once the classes end! Yes, a proper stage show, in a big auditorium, in front of hundreds of people!

Pheww! I was a kid and OBVIOUSLY nervous! Butterflies would always pop-up in my stomach, whenever I thought of performing in front of so many people! But, the show happened and I went on stage and just did it!! And it changed my confidence level forever.

You know why?

It’s all thanks to our instructor! To prepare us for the show, she would tell us – Just forget you have hundreds of people in front of you. Just train your mind to think that you are performing in front of a black screen and just focus on yourself, your dance and enjoying yourself. This some how just struck in my head and it helped me get over presentation fears for life. I started focussing on what I am doing and forgot about people out there. Gradually, it became a habit and voila!! I lost all fears of public speaking forever!

My course on Skillshare is all a bundle of my personal learnings like these, that have immensely helped my be a better presenter.

Quick tips to get over the fear of public speaking

These are some tips that I totally follow and these are like my mantras when it comes to public speaking!

  • Remember, no one’s perfect!
  • Practice will surely help you become more confident to speak on camera, but don’t stress too much about getting every word right as you talk!
  • Think of talking on camera like having a conversation with a friend. It really helps to trick your mind to think that this is not something to be stressed about!
  • Try to read aloud, whenever you can to work on improving your diction
  • See the videos of good speakers or how good actors deliver dialogues on camera. It requires a little training to ‘sound better’ too!

What are the benefits of being a good speaker?

With personal experience, I can surely tell you that the biggest advantage of being a sharp, confident speaker is that OBVIOUSLY people LISTEN to you!! Oh! This is big – You know, how you talk, your command over the conversation plays a huge role in driving across your point to the listeners, so be it business deals or addressing an audience in a seminar or simply teaching other students, a lot can change when you speak with confidence! 

  • Being a good speaker also makes people trust you more. It feels you know your job
  • What is say is taken seriously and is considered to be important! No loose talks that means!
  • It can also open doors to parallel career options like giving talks or selling courses.
  • It is also a great boost to your own personal confidence!
  • As you progress in your career, it also makes you a good leader!

Hey! Hey! We have spoken so much about the charm of getting amazing and confident with being on camera! I wouldn’t want to hold you any longer and would love for you to continue with the course!

Fall in love with talking on camera!